Street Team

Allow us to hop up on our soapbox for a second...

The music business we all grew up with is changing mightily. And, we feel like that's a good thing. Technology gives us the ability to communicate directly with our fans and incresingly it provides tools that help you help us. That's right, you become a powerful ally in spreading the word about Seven Mary Three, our tour dates, our music, and more.

So, if you are game, we want you to join our Street Team. What does it mean? Well, we'll email you from time to time and ask you to help us promote Seven Mary Three. When we have a show in your area, we need help hanging flyers, talking up the show to your friends, and using facebook and myspace to get the word out. To thank you for your hard work, we can provide tickets to the show or other perks. When we have a new record coming out, our street team is involved in contests and other grassroots campaigns to market the release.

It only takes a second to join, and we promise it won't hurt a bit. If you haven't already, we also want you to join our Mailing List. We'll send you a free download for that one too. Join up below and thanks!