Economy of Sound

Economy of Sound was the beginning of something new for us. We had parted ways with our old guitarist and made plans to continue as a trio, and hire a guitar player for touring. I never considered myself anything more than a rhythm guitarist, so I knew going into the studio I wanted to bring in another sound. We met Thomas Juliano through a mutual friend. We added songs over a year period before finally releasing the record to our first taste, however small, of critical success. Unfortunately, no one ever really heard the record. Our label went belly-up, and the parent company wasn’t interested in keeping us. It is no small victory that we’ve held on this long, four extremely different personalities, four different outlooks on our future. When one of us fades the next guy picks up the slack, as it should be. All of us could be doing other things, but I know deep down we all want to leave this ride on the way up. Not to mention it doesn’t get much better than traveling around, playing songs you wrote with your best friends, to anyone who will give it a chance.
~ Jason Ross

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Economy of Sound
Mammoth Records
Release date: June 5, 2001
1 Sleepwalking Sleepwalking
2 Wait
3 Faster
4 Summer Is Over Summer Is Over
5 Honey
6 Stil I Find You
7 Breakdown
8 Man In Control
9 Zeroes And Ones Zeroes And Ones
10 First Time Believers
11 Steal A Car
12 Tug
13 Don't Walk With The Devil (Bonus Track)

Produced by Jason Ross, Tom Morris, and Neil Avron
Recorded at Morrisound Recording, Tampa FL and Transcontinental Studios, Orlando FL
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