November 7MP3

The November 7MP3 is a live version of Let Me Ride/Things I Stole recorded less than two weeks ago at our show in Mt Pleasant, MI. Fans of the band will be excited about "Things I Stole", a favorite from day&nightdriving that the band has dusted off and started playing again. Die hard fans may be more excited about the "Let Me Ride" intro. This song is from the American Standard era, written and recorded in the same session the band demoed "Lucky". A very cool medley with two incredible Seven Mary Three songs.

If you like what you hear, you should check out the video here:

The audio and video are courtesy of Scott Wellestat. Scott is one of our best fans and has shot tons of great video of Seven Mary Three through the years. He manned one of the cameras at our Backbooth show, so he is partly to blame/thank for the bonus video footage you have if you purchased the deluxe package. He has a few videos up from that show and we will have more on the 7M3 youtube channel shortly. Also, props to our soundman Jason Westbrook who makes it happen for us in venues big and small behind the board.

Enjoy Let Me Ride/Things I Stole and feel free to spread the love by forwarding the track/player/widget and posting it to Facebook.

Happy November to all...

October 7MP3

Our October 7MP3 is "Sleepwalking", recorded live in 2003 at an acoustic show in Downtown Orlando. A great version of a great song.

"Sleepwalking" kicks off the bands 2001 release The Economy of Sound. In many ways I think this might be the most complete Seven Mary Three record--the urgency of the early material with the depth of Rock Crown and some of Ross' best lyrics (in full evidence on this song). If you haven't listened to Economy in awhile or don't own the record, do yourself a favor and give it a spin.

We've got a bit of bad news to report. Our re-release of Dis/Location has been delayed until early 2011. As always you will have an opportunity to buy it first on and we will also be offering the record with deluxe packages featuring unreleased material and other goodies. More details on the new release date as soon as it is solidified.

Enjoy "Sleepwalking" and enjoy your fall (or spring if you live Down Under)...



September 7MP3

Can you believe the summer is almost over? Between heatwaves and hurricanes here in the South it doesn't feel much like fall yet.

The 7MP3 for September is our cover of the Stones classic "Dead Flowers", recorded live at our Myrtle Beach show this past May by Danny Kent (who photographs and now records many of our shows). I hope most eveyone reading this has a copy of The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers. If you don't, get to it. The version here features Jason and Thomas and the band played it towards the end of a rain soaked outdoor show on the beach. I wasn't there but I imagine the lyrics (including lines like "I'll be in my basement room, with a needle and a spoon") floated right over the audience's heads. "Dead Flowers" has been covered by many but the Townes Van Zandt version is also worth checking out.

Download it, share it with your friends, and spread the love. We've got some incredible fall shows coming up, starting tonight in Memphis.