March 7MP3

March 7MP3

Our 7MP3 for March is "Was A Ghost", recorded at a Ross/Juliano show at City Arts Factory in March of 2007. Recordings of this show have made the rounds amongst our fans for years--Jason and Tommy did mostly covers and tracks from the soon to be released day&nightdriving. "Was a Ghost" was a live favorite from the first time the band performed it and this stripped down version allows the lyrics and Jason's voice to really shine.

A quick aside about day&nightdriving...This was the first record we recorded over time in multiple places instead of the standard method of blocking out a bunch of studio time and rolling tape. Jason and Thomas recorded much of the record in home studios (theirs and co-producer Brian Paulson's) before bringing Casey and Giti in to track drums and bass at Mitch Easter's Fidelitorium. This way we got the big sounds in a big room and the more imtimate ones in more intimate settings. We finished the record in early 2007, right around the time this version of "Was A Ghost" was performed. If you don't own day&nightdriving, I suggest you immediately correct that problem.

Enjoy the free download and please feel free to share it with your friends via Facebook, myspace, Twitter, email, and by carrier pigeon.

We just announced three shows in May and are gearing up for summer shows. We hope to see you soon.