December 7MP3

First of all, we want to wish you and yours a happy holiday season.

Our gift to you is the same as it is (most) every month...a 7MP3. For December, we have a live version of "Times Like These" recorded in Ironton, OH earlier this year. As most of you know, "Times Like These" is on the Rock Crown release and it makes its way into a set every now and then. It's not easy to work in a 5 minute mostly acoustic song, especially in an outdoor festival setting...but that's what went down here.

What's interesting about this version is the extra verse at the end. Powerful stuff. I first heard the band do this back in 2006 and had forgotten about it until Danny Kent sent me a bunch of CDs featuring audio and his photos of Seven Mary Three shows over the past couple of years. A shout out to Danny for his support of 7M3, for his band photos (seen throughout and beyond), and for his newfound love of recording our shows. We're lucky to have fans like Danny and there are so many of them out know who you are.

Hope you enjoy "Times Like These" and this photo Danny took at the Ironton show. We'll be ringing in the New Year with our first show in Casper, WY. See you in 2012.



November 7MP3

Apologies for the missing October 7MP3…time got away from us here at 7M3 HQ. 

At any rate, the November 7MP3 is a live version of "Where Are You Calling From?" recorded on June 2, 2004 in lovely Decatur, IL.

I'm not sure who recorded this or sent it to me, though I think it may have been Laura Hoh since we are in her neck of the woods and Jason Ross name checks her during this set. This is basically a board tape so you aren't going to hear anything approaching pristine sound, but there's something special about the performance and "Where Are You Calling From?" has long been one of my favorites off Dis/Location. Hope you enjoy it too.

While I have you, I want to throw a quick plug to 7M3 merch for the holidays. Some great shirts and combo packs make good gifts for the 7M3 fan or friend you want to convert. Click here to get to the store.

And, we're playing Casper, WY on New Years Eve. We can cross that off our bucket list. See you in Wyoming!


September 7MP3

Our 7MP3 for September is a Ross/Juliano cover of The Byrds "Truck Stop Girl" recorded live in 2007. 

You may not know much about this song, but you should. It comes from The Byrds 1970 release Untitled/Unissued. This is 5 years after their heyday with "Turn Turn Turn" and "Mr. Tambourine Man" and the story goes that Columbia screwed up by releasing the record without a title. You can read more about that here. If you like what you hear, check out the Gram Parsons era of The Byrds and their late 60s/early 70s records. Amazing stuff. 

What's always struck me about this version is Jason's delivery of a line towards the end of the song that touches on what happened to our truck driver named Danny. Jason renames him Sammy, which has to be a callout to the one and only Sam Mitcham, who most of our diehard fans know was Seven Mary Three's production and tour manager for nearly 15 years. Luckily Sam doesn't drive a big rig...

Enjoy "Truck Stop Girl".