Seven Mary Three are a quintessentially American band. Guitar. Guitar. Bass. Drums. An arsenal of chords and the truth.  It’s this simplicity coupled with a bond with each other and their fans over a fifteen year career that has kept the band moving forward long after many of their contemporaries have disbanded. It’s their personal powerful songs that have sustained the band through mainstream flirtations with ska, swing, electronica, emo, and (insert the next big thing here). 

Seven Mary Three continues to develop its following because they continue to evolve musically while connecting with the listener. With a string of top ten singles from the massive hit “Cumbersome” to 2001s “Wait” under their belt, the band has continually found a home on the radio. Yet there’s so much more to Seven Mary Three than the songs that have fared so well on the charts. Powerful lyrics. A depth in songwriting. Seven Mary Three’s fans cling to every word Jason Ross emits from his soft to raspy voice. Whether it’s fiction or personal truth, each song holds a story that means so much more than just singing along. This is a band that had a platinum debut, charted each of their first four albums while, and continues to produce vital music while building a groundswell of critical acclaim in the process.

Formed in 1993 while teenagers at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, Seven Mary Three took their name from the 70s cult TV show CHiPs. After a few years of honing their sound in Virginia clubs, the band began to turn heads in their native Florida with their self-released debut Churn. The song “Cumbersome” found support at hometown rock station WJRR in Orlando, and when added to rotation in early 1995 the song sparked an immediate reaction from fans and the industry. A record deal with Mammoth/Atlantic soon followed, and band members managed to graduate from college in May, re-record much of Churn to form their major label debut American Standard  (1995) in June, have a hit single nationwide with “Cumbersome” in August, and enjoy a platinum release by years end. Both “Water’s Edge” and “My My” from the debut also found their way into the top 10, and Seven Mary Three lived on the road supporting the record and building its reputation as a powerful live act.

A parting of Mammoth and Atlantic held up release of Seven Mary Three’s follow-up Rock Crown (1997). The record explored darker and more personal material, highlighted by the acoustic top ten single “Lucky”. Fans often mention Rock Crown as their favorite Seven Mary Three release. The band’s third release Orange Avenue (1998) is a more straightforward pop/rock album with great songs like the top ten single “Over Your Shoulder” and haunting “Each Little Mystery”. Album number four, The Economy of Sound (2001), found the band back on Mammoth with their most accomplished record to date. Soaring vocals. Insightful lyrics. The album brought the band much deserved critical acclaim while continuing their string of top ten singles with “Wait”. Recorded with Brain Paulson (Wilco, Beck, The Jayhawks), Dis/Location (2004) is a down and dirty rock record driven by big riffs and a sonic overload. Seven Mary Three returned to the studio with Paulson to record day&nightdriving (2008) a perfect marriage of surging dark rock anthems and quiet introspective acoustic songs.

Inspired by the changing landscape of the music industry, Seven Mary Three formed its own record company in 2008 called Settle Up Records, and re-released their long out of print debut Churn. In addition to standard release formats, the band sold a deluxe version of Churn exclusively on their website and social networking platforms.

In November 2009, Settle Up Records released Backbooth in standard and deluxe formats. Recorded in Orlando, FL at a private show for its' most passionate fans, Backbooth documents Seven Mary Three in its’ simplest form--great songs, mostly acoustic instrumentation, and an intimate setting. In addition to classic Seven Mary Three songs ("Lucky", "Wait"), the record includes previously unreleased (“Untitled”) and rare ("Don't Walk With the Devil") gems from their catalog, and a stunning cover of Otis' Reddings "That's How Strong My Love Is".

Seven Mary Three is first and foremost a live band, having toured with Aerosmith, Matchbox Twenty, and Three Doors Down and headlining countless festivals and club shows. In the past five years, the band has performed at multiple NASCAR races, opened the National Hockey League season for the NY Islanders, and performed at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game that aired nationally on ESPN.

Seven Mary Three is currently on tour and working on their seventh studio album.

SEVEN MARY THREE:               
Jason Ross: vocals, guitar       
Casey Daniel: bass           
Thomas Juliano: guitar               
Mike Levesque: drums